Wedding Venue Ideas in Kenya

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Published: 17th May 2011
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You have been a bachelor or a spinster for long and you asking yourself what is the ideal age to get married

.When that question is answered and you are through with the proposals, then you can start looking around for your ideal wedding venue.
There are several factors to consider when choosing a wedding venue.You need to know the actual number of guests, your wedding budget , accessibility and the look you want to create for your special day. Some other things to put in mind are the extra facilities available at the venue for instance the kitchen, enough washrooms and changing rooms and also the parking space. In addition to that, you should check on any permissions required or restrictions on music, alcohol and photography. These are the basics you should consider before deciding on a venue.
Some wedding venue ideas below will give you some insight on choosing an ideal venue.

Cheap Wedding Venue Ideas

  • Garden wedding venue

Gardens create a perfect picturesque for your wedding especially when the flowers are blooming. If you have a large enough backyard or garden to accommodate the number of guests you will invite, then this can make for a perfect wedding venue. One great advantage of garden weddings is that you will not need to spend much on decor. There are also gardens available for hire so you can consider this for an outdoor wedding venue in case you do not have a large enough backyard.
  • Local authority centers

There are centers which the government uses to impart training or hold public meetings. These places are sometimes given on rental to the public to conduct gatherings. The are affordable wedding venues and if it meets you requirements then it is a good idea to consider them.
  • Educational Institutions

Most educational institutions like high schools and colleges give their rooms and fields on rent for a wedding venue. If you want to bring back old memories of how you met especially for those couples who first met in college or high school, then this could be an option.

Unique Wedding Venue Ideas

  • Art gallery wedding venue

If you are an art lover and want some classy look to your special day, then an art gallery is what you need. These galleries usually have large halls which come with attached open spaces and therefore make an ideal setting for a wedding reception. The painting and sculptures will all together make for the decor and create a unique wedding venue for you.
  • Castle wedding venue

Every woman dreams to have a royal wedding. To feel like a princess is what a woman wants on a wedding day. Nothing could make this dream come true other than a wedding in a castle. A castle wedding provides everything right from romance to drama to mystery. All these are perfect recipes for a memorable wedding day.

Once the wedding reception venue is chosen, everything else will fall into place. Take time to select your perfect wedding venue.

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